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Top 10 Canadian Sporting Moments

Canada may not be the strongest sporting nation in the world, but the Great White North has produced plenty of captivating sports moments over the years that wouldn’t be out of place in a feel-good movie. With Canadian athletes featuring in all kinds of different sports, there’s always something for fans to cheer on.

Below are some of the greatest Canadian sporting moments of all time, where Canadian fans were able to celebrate and take pride in their county’s achievements.

10. Sidney Crosby’s Golden Goal

In the 2010 Winter Olympics, held in Vancouver, the ice hockey final between USA and Canada was a modern classic. Both teams were packed with incredibly talented players, and while the USA were underdogs, they still gave a spectacular performance. In the end, Sidney Crosby was able to score a golden goal during overtime to give the Canadians a 3-2 victory and capture the gold medal.

Sidney Crosby – 2010

9. Donovan Bailey 100m Gold

Donovan Bailey was Jamaican born but raised in Canada and represented Canada in the Olympic Games. Donovan was the first Canadian to run the 100m in less than 10 seconds legally and for a short time, was the fastest man alive. He won gold at the 1996 Olympics and was a clean athlete in a field filled with cheats.

Donovan Bailey – 1996

8. Bianca Andreescu at the US Open

An unranked newcomer, Andreescu put in some scintillating performances during the 2019 US Open. She beat Serena Williams, the most dominant female tennis player of all time, on her way to capturing the first singles Major in Canadian history.

Bianca Andreescu – 2019

7. Winning the 1972 Summit Series

In 1972, Russia and Canada faced each other at the ice hockey Summit Series.  Tensions were high due to the cold war, and the fans of each nation watched in excitement. Coming from behind and winning the last three games, Canada scored in the last moments of the final game to miraculously win the eight-game series.

Paul Henderson – 1972

6. Terry Fox Marathon for Hope

In 1980, Terry Fox began a journey that would inspire millions of people and raise hundreds of millions for cancer research. Fox was suffering from cancer and had already lost his leg to the disease, he set off to run across Canada and managed an incredible 5,300 km in 143 days.

Terry Fox – 1980

5. Mike Weir Wins the Masters

In 2003, Mike Weir became the first-ever Canadian to win a major golf tournament as he beat competition from the likes of Tiger Woods to win the Masters.

Mike Weir – 2003

4. Toronto Raptors Win the NBA Championship

The Toronto Raptors pulled off the impossible in 2019 as they won the NBA Championship, beating the Golden State Warriors four games to two and causing massive celebrations through the streets of Toronto.

Toronto Raptors – 2019

3. Marilyn Bell Crosses Lake Ontario

In the 1950s, Marilyn Bells became the first person to ever swim across Lake Ontario. Marilyn completed this incredible feat in 1954. To make things even more impressive, she completed the swim through waves, eels and cold, dark water and all at the age of 17.

Marilyn Bell – 1954

2. George Chuvalo Fights Muhamad Ali (Twice)

George Chuvalo may have never won a major boxing title, but he’s still a Canadian hero thanks to his performances in the ring including going the distance with Muhammad Ali. The fight lasted twelve rounds, and Chuvalo was never knocked down, proving his toughness and determination.

George Chuvalo – 1966 & 1972

1. The Blue Jays Win Back to Back World Series

Baseball isn’t usually considered Canada’s favourite sport, but millions of fans around the country went wild as the Toronto Blue Jays won their first World Series in 1992. Incredibly, the team showed that this wasn’t just a fluke by winning again in 1993.

Toronto Blue Jays – 1992 & 1993